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Definite Medical Billing Solutions LLC


'Providing Quality Billing and Coding Specialists for your staffing Needs!!'

DMBS Staffing Solutions

Definite Medical Billing Solutions is aware that the billing must 'go-on' whether your specialist is there or not. Also, there are times when a position must be temporarily covered, without the hassel of hiring someone new. We at DMBS will send our trained and certified Billing and Coding Specialists to cover for your absent billers. DMBS is a Richmond, VA based company specializing in placing fully trained, profesional and reliable Medical Billing/Coding Specialists, to our clients, on a short/long-term, temporary, hourly or as-needed basis. Our staff consist of full service Billers and Coders trained to handle the tasks of accounts receivables using the policies and guidelines which it entails. We are committed to providing high quality service with an affordable flat rate and 100% Satisfaction!

Our Services

  • Fully Trained Staff Knowledgable in Claims Processing from beginning to end
  • Available to handle all billing functions
  • Professional, Certified Experienced Staff of Billers and Coders
  • Available for any Physician Specialty or Billing Agency
  • Affordable Flat Fee
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Great for any 'clean up' or 'back log' accounts
  • Perfect for 'special assignments', without the cost of adding more full-time employees
  • Supplement labor during peak periods of business activity
  • Long Term, Short-term, Weekly, and Daily Staffing available   

We Match our qualified Billing and Coding Specialists with the needs of your organization. Our driven team of Specialists is dedicated to

maximing the revenue of your facility by focusing solely on what we do best. That is getting that claim PAID!! Contact us to find out

mor of our affordable rates.

[email protected]