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Definite Medical Billing Solutions LLC


Billing Administrative Services

Our rapidly growing company has over 14 years of Healthcare Billing Experience and is contracting for the smaller Private/ Specialty Physician Practices needing a Professional Experienced Billing Service.

We bill for:

Physicians who bill less than $800,000 yearly

Specialty Physicians including Mental/Behavioral Health

Solo, Independent, and Private Physician Practices

Entry Level/ Start-Up Practices

Part-Time Providers

Doctors Billing for themselves

Our Services Include:                                   DMBS allows physicians to:

Full service on every claim from beginning to end                          *Focus more on building your practice and patient base

Electronic or Paper Claims Submission                                           *Focus on the care/treatment of existing patients

Speedy, accurate claim submission                                                  *Select services according to your practice needs

Soft Collections                                                                                 *Let go of the hassel of dealing with insurance and

Weekly, Monthly Reports patient billing issues

Affordable Rates                                                                               *Increase practice revenue

EMR and EHR                                                                                  *Regain control of practice operations

HIPAA Compliant Clearinghouses

Patient Invoicing/Patient Insurance Follow-up Calls

Physician Credentialing

Informative Billing Updates

Professional, Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff of Billers and Coders

Old Account Clean-up

HIPAA Compliant

Approved Clearing Houses

ICD10 Prepared